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How to Say "Dragon" in Many Languages

The following are as many languages as we could find for the word DRAGON.
Thanks to all the dragons on Alt.Fan.Dragons, and various people around the world,
and books like Things That Never Were for their input!
Note: some of these are Phonetic and not actual spellings.

Learn how to say "Dragon":

African: nrgwenya
Afrikaans: Draak
Arabic: ah-teen (pl. tah-neen), (Al)Tineen, Plural: (Al)Tananeen
Athebascin (Alasken): Manchu
Austrian: Drach`n, Lindwurm
Bulgarian: drakon (phonetic), (Actual spelling)
Catalan (N/E Spain): drac
Chinese: lung/long, Liung (Hakka dialect)
Chinese: old & new:Chinese Say Dragon
Croatian/Serbian: zmaj (pronounced "zmai" means Dragon), azdaja (pronounced "azhdaya" means Hydra)
Czech: Drak, Drek (Draaachek)
Danish: drage
Dansk: drage
Draconian: Khoth, (pl. Khothu)
Driigaran (music language): C4 G4 C5 D5 B5 C5
Double-Dutch: dridi-gag-dridi-gen
Dutch: draak
Elven/Drow: Tagnik'zur
Egg-Latin: Dreggageggon
English: dragon
English (Middle): dragun, dragoun
English (Old): draca
Enochian: Vovin (Voh-een)
Esperanto: drako, dragono
Estonian: draakon, lohe, lohemadu or tuuleuss (Wind Snake), lendav madu
Euskera (dialect of the Basque Country): Erensuge
Faeroese: eitt dreki, eitt flogdreki, ein fraenarormur
Finnish: lohikäärme, draakki, dragoni
Fire Witch tongue: Katash wei' vorki (kah-TASH whey VOR-key)
Flambian: kazyeeqen (comes from kazyee-aqen, fire lizard)
Flemish: Draeke
French: dragon,dragun, dargon
Gaelic: Arach
German: drache (pl. Drachen), Lindwurm, drake (pl. draken)
Greek: drakon, drako. Male: drakos (or thrakos), Female: drakena (or thrakena)
Greek (ancient): Male: drakkon (or thrakon), Female: drakkina (or thrakena)
Hawaiian: Kelekona, (plural) Na Kelekona
Hebrew: drakon (plural) drakonim, Tanniym
Hungarian: sarkany
Icelandic: dreki
Indonesian: Naga
Iranian: Ejdeha
Islamic: th'uban, tinnin
Italian: drago, dragone, volante, dragonessa
Japanese: ryu, tatsu
Jibberish: gidadraggidaen (pronunced "gid-a-drag-gid-ah-en")
Klingon: lung'a' puv (pronounced loong-AH poov) "Flying Great Lizard"
Korean: yong
Latin: draco, dracon, draco, dragon, dragoon, serpent,serpens
Luxembourgian: Draach
Middle earth Ency.: Angulóce: generic, Ramalóce: winged dragon, Urulóce: fire breath dragon
Malay: Naga
Milanese (Italy): Dragh, Draguun,Dragoon
New Zeland (Maori): tarakona
Norse: ormr
Norsk: drake, dragonet, liten drake
Norwegian: drage
Oppish: dropagoponop (pronounced drop-ag-op-an-op)
Ourainic Barb: Duxobum
Philippines: male: dragon short o, female: Dragona with a short o and a
Pig-Latin: Agon-dray
Polish: smok
Portuguese: dragão
Quenya (elven): Loke, winged: Ramaloke, sea: Lingwiloke, fire: Uruloke
Reinitian (of Reinita): Dralaghajh
Roman: draco
Romanian: Dragon, (pl. Dragoni), Zmeu (pl. Zmei), dracul, drakul
Russian: drakon, zmei gourinich
Sanskrit: naga (type of snake-human-dragon)
Slovenia: Zmaj = Dragon, Hidra = Hydra.
Spanish: dragón, El Draque, Brujah
Swedish: drake, lindorm
Swedish (Ancient): flugdrake, floghdraki
Swiss German: Drach
Tagalog: drakón
Thai: mung-korn
Tibetan: Brug (this is pronounced in several ways depending on dialect, DROOK, being the most common. Only in Ladakh is it ever pronounced BRUG)
Turkish: ejderha
Ukrainian: drakon
Vietnamese: Rong (poetic), rng (regular)
Welsh: Ddraig
Yugoslav: Zmaj, Azdaja
Zulu: uzekamanzi



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