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This is where Updates to "Here Be Dragons!" hatch

05/05/20 - Site updated to be more Family Friendly

02/01/12 - New and beautiful statues of Dragons are now available fo sale in our shop. Support this site, shop now

21/09/10 - New page added: Thailand Dragons

3/07/10 - New page added: Dragon Fruit.

2/25/10 - is being renewed, numerous updates and corrections have been made. New page added following our recent trip to Vietnam: Vietnamese Dragons.

3/31/04 - is being renewed and updated and will offer new content, products and commercial opportunities for advertisers with dragon related sites very soon. Anyone with new content or interesting links can email us at:

For advertising info email us at:

7/19/03 Well, HBD has a new home! Thanks to Timduru, a friend of mine, HBD is now sitting on his website saving me $50/month in fees. I will be donating some money to him as a thank you. I have changed around a few things like the Dragon Artwork page and a couple other things. I hope you enjoy!


06/04/02: Again, I have been REALLY busy. I have cleaned out the dead links on all the pages, and added a bunch of stuff, especially on the movies page.

01/06/02: I have been WAY busy lately to update the site as much as I would like to, but I have updated the HOW DO YOU SAY DRAGON page, and also the main page.

05/19/01: I have been abusing this poor site and not updating it... UNTIL NOW! All links should be operational.

05/15/00: WE ARE BACK!!!! Well, you may have noticed that I had to bring down the site for a few weeks. That was due to too much traffic on the site! That can be great, or bad depending how you look at it. Welp, I found a new hoster, and have redesigned the site to have a little less bandwith usage. Take a look around, and Enjoy!

01/01/00: Wow, that date looks bizarre! Anyway, welcome to the New Decade (Millennium is NEXT year!), and The Year Of The Dragon on the Chinese calendar, which is VERY cool. I have been SO busy with projects that I have been stretched for time on updating this site. BUT I HAVE! Links on the Links and Images pages have been checked with a program (and hopefully all dead links are GONE!)

11/17/99: Wow, I have been so busy with other projects that I haven't had much time to update like I have wanted to. I did however add quite a few more shops on the Dragons For Sale section. Please, take a look around and buy a Christmas gift for a Fantasy Lover

6/22/99: checked a HECK of a lot of links. I am sorry if some break between checks, but I TRY to check them pretty often. I added some stuff in the Dragons For Sale section as well. Take a peek and go shopping!

4/1/99: Sorry that we were down for a couple weeks there, but we just changed hosters to! Thanks guys!

1/1/99: HAPPY NEW YEAR! Did a lot of checking of links, things should be running great all over!

11/10/98: Check links on Links, Images, and What Is pages. Added more stores on the Dragons For Sale section just in time for Christmas!



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